Where I’ll Be

I’m on the road with The Abortion Diary!

Ann Arbor, MI  October 19 & 20th (Host for The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor’s 4th Annual Abortion Speak Out)

Toronto, Canada TBA

Buffalo, NY  TBA

Rochester, NY TBA

Ithaca, NY  TBA

Montreal, Canada  TBA

If you would like to share your story in any of these cities or would like the podcast to come to your town e-mail us at info@theabortiondiary.com

Where We’ve Been


The Bay Area, CA  February 4th – February 28th & March 7th-March 18th

Los Angeles, CA March 1st-6th

Portland, Oregon  March 18th-31th

New York City April 1st – 10th

New York City  April 5th (at The Mother Wit Conference)

Amherst, MA  April 10-13th (at The Civil Liberties and Public Policy Conference)

Northampton, MA April 13th – April 18th

Cambridge & Boston, MA  April 18th – May 21st

Providence, RI May 22nd – June 3rd

New York City June 7th (at The Reproductive Justice Walking Tour)

New York City June 4th – June 24th

South Florida June 24th – September 4th

Oklahoma City, OK September 4th -September 18th

Portland, Oregon September 22nd – September 29th

Seattle, Washington September 29th – October 15th

San Francisco, CA  October 20th – November 1st

Los Angeles, CA  November 1st – November 17th

Fort Myers, FL November 20th Melissa will be speaking about The Abortion Diary Podcast at Florida Gulf Coast University on Thursday, November 20th. Come check it out if you are in Fort Myers, FL.

Abortion Diary events final flyer image

South Florida November 20th – December 25th


New York, NY  December 25 – January 9, 2014

Miami, FL  January 9 – February 18

Atlanta, GA February 18 – March 6

Miami, FL March 8 – April 8

Amherst, MA (CLPP) April 9th – April 12th

State College, PA April 22nd – 29th

New York City, NY April 30th – May 12th

Venice, Florida (2015 Florida NOW State Conference) May 14th – May 17th

New Orleans, LA May 20th – June 13th

Birmingham, AL June 14th – June 22nd

Cleveland, OH  October 23 – October 25

Potomac, MD November 11-November 16th, 2015

Indianapolis, IN  November 20-November 23, 2015

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic December/Deciembre 21 – January / Enero 14

Bangkok, Thailand  March 5-12, 2016

Amherst, MA (Civil Liberties and Public Policy Conference)  April 8-10, 2016

Ohio until May 2016

New York, NY / Northern New Jersey May 18 – 28, 2016

Belfast, Northern Ireland May 29 – June 11, 2016 (Abortion and Reproductive Justice – The Unfinished Revolution II in Belfast on June 2 & 3)

Dublin, Ireland June 12th – June 19th

Galway, Ireland June 20th – June 27th

Liverpool, England June 28th – July 4th

London, England July 5th – July 12th

Paris, France July 17th – July 31st

Amsterdam, The Netherlands August 9 – August 17th

Berlin, Germany August 17th – August 24th

Warsaw, Poland August 24h – September 3rd

Krakow, Poland September 3rd -September 7th

Oakland, CA September 20 – 26

Los Angeles, CA September 27 – October 2

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