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Abortion happens every day. It has been estimated that 42 million people worldwide have an abortion each year. But the majority of those people will never talk about their abortion experience. What If millions of people broke their silence and told the truth about their lives and their choices?

I created The Abortion Diary in the summer of 2013. Since then I have been running the project and making it’s podcast out of pocket and as a labor of love. My own abortion story and the deep impact sharing it (13 years later) had on me, my family, my friends and complete strangers inspired me to create The Abortion Diary. It may not be feasible for people to talk to their family members, friends or partners about their abortion experiences or the ones they are considering. I created a personal space where people can share their full, unmediated abortion experiences in a safe and supportive environment. I have been traveling around the country and have recorded over 200 stories. The experiences that have been shared and recorded span from the late 1950s to 2016. The Abortion Diary is the only public audio archive abortion stories.

The Abortion Diary  also fills a deep craving for connection and community building amongst people who, like myself, have had abortion experiences.  The Abortion Diary is the intersection of self-expression, healing, and the art of story-sharing and story-listening. People share stories they haven’t been able to share and listen to stories they haven’t been able to hear. We are healing each other by sharing our stories. We are  also interrupting the narrative of abortion storytelling by moving the conversation out of the political realm and into the personal realm in order to decrease isolation and build community for people who have had abortion experiences. The Abortion Diary is a space for people to speak out against the shame, stigma, secrecy and isolation surrounding abortion by generating, sharing and receiving personal stories.
These are our personal choices and stories shared by us. You can read the story behind the The Abortion Diary here. We post two new stories on the website every Tuesday. You can stream the stories on The Abortion Diary‘s website (under the abortion stories tab) or listen to the stories on SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher Radio, and ivoox.

Thank you for listening and sharing our stories,

Melissa Madera

Founder & Curator

Why did I start The Abortion Diary?

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